[][src]Struct ic_agent::agent::UpdateBuilder

pub struct UpdateBuilder<'agent> {
    pub effective_canister_id: Principal,
    pub canister_id: Principal,
    pub method_name: String,
    pub arg: Vec<u8>,
    pub ingress_expiry_datetime: Option<u64>,
    // some fields omitted

An Update Request Builder.

This makes it easier to do update calls without actually passing all arguments or specifying if you want to wait or not.


effective_canister_id: Principalcanister_id: Principalmethod_name: Stringarg: Vec<u8>ingress_expiry_datetime: Option<u64>


impl<'agent> UpdateBuilder<'agent>[src]

pub fn new(
    agent: &'agent Agent,
    canister_id: Principal,
    method_name: String
) -> Self

pub fn with_effective_canister_id(
    &mut self,
    canister_id: Principal
) -> &mut Self

pub fn with_arg<A: AsRef<[u8]>>(&mut self, arg: A) -> &mut Self[src]

pub fn expire_at(&mut self, time: SystemTime) -> &mut Self[src]

Takes a SystemTime converts it to a Duration by calling duration_since(UNIX_EPOCH) to learn about where in time this SystemTime lies. The Duration is converted to nanoseconds and stored in ingress_expiry_datetime

pub fn expire_after(&mut self, duration: Duration) -> &mut Self[src]

Takes a Duration (i.e. 30 sec/5 min 30 sec/1 h 30 min, etc.) and adds it to the Duration of the current SystemTime since the UNIX_EPOCH Subtracts a permitted drift from the sum to account for using system time and not block time. Converts the difference to nanoseconds and stores in ingress_expiry_datetime

pub async fn call_and_wait<W: Waiter, '_>(
    &'_ self,
    waiter: W
) -> Result<Vec<u8>, AgentError>

Make an update call. This will call request_status on the RequestId in a loop and return the response as a byte vector.

pub fn call(&self) -> UpdateCall<'_>

Notable traits for UpdateCall<'_>

impl<'_> Future for UpdateCall<'_> type Output = Result<RequestId, AgentError>;

Make an update call. This will return a RequestId. The RequestId should then be used for request_status (most likely in a loop).

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'agent> !RefUnwindSafe for UpdateBuilder<'agent>

impl<'agent> Send for UpdateBuilder<'agent>

impl<'agent> Sync for UpdateBuilder<'agent>

impl<'agent> Unpin for UpdateBuilder<'agent>

impl<'agent> !UnwindSafe for UpdateBuilder<'agent>

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